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NLP coaching sessions are designed to help address any issues you may have in your life right now that are holding you back. My goal is to give you the tools to take control of your thoughts and emotions and give you the personal freedom to fully enjoy your life and achieve whatever you want.

If you suffer from, feel you are held back by, or want to improve one or more of the following, please call me now and I can help you create a future that is full of personal freedom and fulfilment:

Are you unable to control your emotional state in certain situations?

Do you experience anxiety, fear, become frightened or stressed out?

Have you lost…?

…your confidence to attempt the things you know you should?

…your focus and motivation?

Do you have…?

…a phobia/fear that restricts you from fully enjoying your life?

…negative thoughts that stop you from enjoying parts or all of your life?

…doubts or beliefs that limit you and hold you back?

…unwanted habits?

Do you feel…?

…stuck with no options and no choices?

…that you are letting yourself or others down in some way?

…overwhelmed by sadness because of the loss of something or someone and are unable to come to terms with it?

Do you want to…?

…stop smoking?

…improve a relationship but are not sure how?

…lose weight?

…create wellbeing and relaxation?

Do you wish for or hope for a ‘better way’ because things are not working for you anymore?

To overcome or improve any of the above only a small number of sessions will be necessary. In some cases, even just a single session is required. I am confident on delivering positive change and outcomes and new ways of living that will work for you.

How a typical session will run

Initially, we will discuss what you want to change or the problems you want to overcome. I will then tailor the session specifically to your desired outcome.

We will work through a range of techniques and exercises, installing new thought processes, which will allow you to achieve the positive outcome you want.  We will finish the session with some hypnosis to help the unconscious brain re program the new thought processes.

I may give you a few exercises to practise at home to help you get accustomed to the new techniques learnt in the coaching session. While the main neurological changes will have occurred during the session, practicing the techniques will only solidify new unconscious thought patterns.

Please be aware

All coaching sessions explore future possibilities and solutions, rather than encouraging you to dig up past memories or experiences.  I only focus on creating opportunities and widening perceptions, rather than dwelling on the negatives. 

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