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Matthew John

Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Licensed Trainer of NLP (by 'The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

My career started in manufacturing and I progressed successfully to a senior level leading and managing people as an operations manager and operations director.

During this time my focus was on how can we make this process better and continually worked with the people to find better ways of working.  This approach has been with me since I was 12 years old when I came across a quote by Albert Einstein.  The definition of insanity "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result".  This had a real impact on me and ever since then I have been applying the principle 'if what you are doing is not working then do something different'  and has taken me to where I am today.  I laterly moved into consultancy and leadership coaching and set up my own business Affinity Consultants with the aim of 'helping small to medium enterprises achieve their ambitions'.  Over the years, working with numerous companies one thing became very clearly to me. When a business grows, the people become the most important asset to the success of any business. This said I was experiencing more and more companies who said that not all of their employees were performing.  I became very interested and curious to know what was causing some people to not perform in their role whilst someone else in the same role with the same knowledge and skills were able to performing better.  Then it came to me. It was down to the way they were thinking.  With this in mind I started to research how I could help people improve the way they thought about certain things and I came across a book by Dr. Richard Bandler called "Using your brain for a change".  This book was about a human change technology called NLP and it was fascinating. It began to answer lots of my questions on how and why different people think differently to other people and how you can change the way your brain thinks about things.  I started experimenting with some of the techniques on myself and close friends and was amazed at the instant results I was getting.  This is amazing!!!  Since then I have studied this field and have become a Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP (trained by Dr. Richard Bandler) and more recent a Licensed Trainer of NLP.  With this knowledge and expertise in hand my mission now is to reach out, help and teach as many people as I can how to use their brain, to give them the personal freedom to enjoy and live a fulfilling life.

 'Because you only get one of them!' 

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