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When training in any sport the focus is often on physical and technical abilities; building strength, running faster, hitting the target, the list goes on.

Did you know “that 95% of all winning is accomplished by only 5% of the participants”. So, what makes the 5% so different?

But how many times do you see top athletes falter when it matters most; letting frustration, nerves, pressure and expectations get the better of them?

This is often because they’ve neglected to correctly train the most important muscle of them all – the brain.

“The top 5% of athletes agree that elite performance is 90% mental. But when asked what percentage of time and money they spend on training the mental game, the answers are always similar: very little or less than 10%”. Why? (L. Bassham: With Winning In Mind)

Let me teach you how to train your brain to enable you to perform at your very best, every time; to fix that winning thought permanently in your mind, ready for every event.

Just consider the benefits of mental performance coaching:

• Improved self-confidence and belief

• Being able to access the optimum state before and during the event

• Mental toughness

• Increased motivation

• Improved training

No matter what your sport is, if you want to train and compete at your best.

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