Personal & Life Coaching

NLP coaching sessions are designed to help address any issues you may have in your life right now that are holding you back. My goal is to give you the tools to take control of your thoughts and emotions and give you the personal freedom to fully enjoy your life and achieve whatever you want.

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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching can also help businesses at a strategic level.

• Perhaps you are new in business and not sure which way to turn or what to do next?

• Are you stuck in a rut and feel like the world is on your shoulders?

• Do you feel your business is stagnating or going backwards?

• Have you hit a plateau in your business?

With years of experience Affinity can help and guide you and your business onwards and upwards.

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Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching helps individual leaders become better leaders; identifying key areas that will enable them to operate more effectively and more efficiently in order to get more out of the business itself. Learning these skills from an NLP coach will help an individual

• understand other colleagues and how they communicate

• improve how they communicate

• improve their ability to empathise and negotiate with colleagues,

employees and managers.

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Mental Performance in Sport

When training in any sport the focus is often on physical and technical abilities; building strength, running faster, hitting the target, the list goes on.

Did you know “that 95% of all winning is accomplished by only 5% of the participants”.  So, what makes the 5% so different?

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'Take control of your brain otherwise someone else will'

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